Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The LEGO Love Boat at Brickworld Chicago

(all photos: thebrickman.com)
Of particular interest at this year's Brickworld, the largest convention of adult fans of LEGO to share their creations of LEGO bricks, held in Chicago last month is the LEGO Love Boat. With interest from cruisers, travelers and LEGO afficionados alike, the creation received national coverage especially when Gavin MacLeod who played Captain Stubing on the television series "The Love Boat" made at appearance along the LEGO designer and brick creation of his boat.

Created by 36-year-old Australian Ryan McNaught, one of only 12 certified LEGO builders in the world, the LEGO Love Boat (as it was dubbed in the press) is made up of more 250,000 LEGO bricks evoking the original Pacific Princess cruise ship that was the setting for the long running television series.

The LEGO ship measures over ten-feet long by five-feet high and includes 450 miniature people, a moving anchor, bow thruster, propeller and a lifeboat that can be raised and lowered. Visit McNaught's website thebrickman.com to see more of his LEGO creations.


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