Thursday, July 14, 2011

The LEGO Qantas A380 Plane

(all photos:
The previous post covered the appearance of the LEGO Love Boat at Brickworld Chicago by creator Ryan McNaught. After viewing his website, I couldn't help to admire his LEGO replica of a Qantas A380 jumbo jet complete with detailed interior for the 2010 Brickworld convention.

Comprised of 35,000 LEGO pieces and measuring seven feet in length and six feet wide, the model took Australian McNaught eight months to build. Moving parts of the model include the front landing gear, two rear landing gear doors and parts of the wing. The interior reveals passengers stretching their legs in the aisles and reclining in their seats.

Visit to learn more about McNaught's LEGO masterpieces and view more photos of the LEGO Qantas A380.


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