Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rewind NYC: La Maison Du Chocolat

The Rockefeller Center location on 49th Street. A second entrance is
 located along the 30 Rockefeller conccourse.

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Kevin Sharkey)
Since I did not have a chance to visit La Maison du Chocolat during my visit to New York last week, I thought I would take a look back when I visited this chocolate boutique in 2008.

Decadent and expensive. Two simple words to describe the not so simple confections at La Maison du Chocolat. Many would see such a shop as strictly for fans of high-end chocolate delights but it probably wouldn't hurt to try one of the blissfully sweet treats at least once.

The boutique's timeless array of chocolate ganaches start at about $2 per piece or available in signature boxes ($9-$75). Otherwise choose from their collection of pralines, fruited chocolates, eclairs, tarts and cakes.

The shop has become famous for their macarons. Despite costing almost $3 per piece don't be surprised to find the the shop sold out of these creations before closing each day. Various flavors of ganache (raspberry, Arabica coffee, salted caramel) are sandwiched between soft Macaron shells. Definitely heavenly delights to partake once in a while. Couple it with one their chocolate drinks for that extra indulgence ($9).

The boutiques selection of macarons.
(image credit: nicknamemiket/flickr)
Chocolates in the display case.
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The company's fine creations are sold online at The New York boutiques are the only retail locations in the United States. International boutiques are located in Paris, Cannes, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Some items are not sold online and may be exclusive to the boutiques. Back in 2008 I picked up a selection of preserves that I'm not sure are still available. For those traveling, the boutique also sells insulated bags to cushion the delicate chocolates for the journey home.

Visit for more information. The boutique at 30 Rockefeller Center is on 49th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am-7pm; Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm. Other Manhattan locations: 1018 Madison Avenue (the first New York location which opened in 1990) on the Upper East Side and 63 Wall Street.

Learn about the recipes from the La Maison du Chocolat pastry chefs in these books:
La Maison du Chocolat: Timeless Classics with a Twist by Gilles Marchal
La Maison du Chocolat: Transcendent Desserts by the Legendary Chocolatier and the company's founder Robert Linxe

Interior of Rockefeller Center location.
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My purchases from 2008: square of chocolates, preserves and insulated bag.
(image credit: TheHopefulTraveler)


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