Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kakaako Waterfront Park (Part 2): Points of Interest

See part one for the description and other information about Kakaako Waterfront Park and additional photographs.

Views of Diamond Head and Ala Moana Beach from Kakaako Waterfront Park


Ehime Maru Memorial

From the Ehime Maru Memorial inscription: At 1:43pm on February 9, 2001 about 10 miles south of Oahu, Hawaii, the Ehime Maru, the fishing training vessel of Ehime Prefectured Uwajima Fisheries High School in Japan sank after a collision with the U.S. Navy Submarine, USS Greeneville. Four students, two teachers and three crew members perished in the accident.

This memorial with nine links of the anchor chain and the actual anchor from the Ehime Maru, honors the nine precious lives lost and serves as a place where their souls are remembered. This Memorial encourages safety and peace on the seas throughout the world provides an educational experience for the youth, and seeks to develop and strengthen the friendship between Ehime Prefecture and Hawaii and the overall relationship between Japan and the United States.

Point Panic

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Victim Memorial
Dedicated to those tragically killed or injured by impaired driving or other violent crime and to their families and friends whose lives are forever changed (from the plaque that fronts the memorial). 


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