Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kakaako Makai Gateway Park: A Hangar for 800 Shirts

Upon leaving Kaakako Waterfront Park, I took a pause at the unusual display of hundreds of t-shirts flapping in the wind in the corridor called Kakaako Gateway Park. I learned it was an exhibit for Aloha Art Week in what the organizers hope becomes an annual exhibition. For 23 years, the same group has organized a similar event in Japan. The eventual sale of the shirts online benefits the recovery of Japan from March's earthquake and tsunami.

Also for families who want to make a day out of the area, the Hawaii Children's Discover Center (pictured below) is located steps from either either Kakaako parks. Strictly an interactive museum for the young or young at heart. 

The six-acre Kakaako Gateway Park serves two purposes ultimately. On what was formerly two city blocks of industrial buildings, it now is the entryway and extension to the Waterfront Park. As a flat and level lawn it is a contrast to the the rolling landscape of the waterfront park and is more flexible to host outdoor special events and exhibitions. 

Take a look at the park rules below. What are other objects that puncture the ground?


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