Sunday, May 8, 2011

Afternoon at Ala Moana Beach & Magic Island (Part 2)

Top to bottom:
View of Ala Moana Beach from the southern tip of Magic Island;
View of Ala Moana Beach from Magic Island facing west;
The open space, picnic areas and trees at Magic Island.
Adjoining Ala Moana Regional Park on the east end is Magic Island, a 30-acre peninsula created in the 1960s by a landfill project. Despite being renamed in 1972 to Aina Moana Park, the area is still called Magic Island by residents. The park contains over 400 parking stalls at its north end with lots of open space, sites for picnics and a beachside lagoon at the south end of the peninsula. The beach of Ala Moana Park continues along the north west side of the Magic Island. The west and east sides of the park offers panoramic views. The east side offers views of the Ala Wai Channel and Yacht Habor, the hotels of Waikiki and Diamond Head. The west side gives a view of Ala Moana Beach and the towering condos above it.

Read the previous post about Ala Moana Regional Park. By the way Ala Moana in Hawaiian means path to the sea. The park is located between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki and open from 4am-10pm daily.

Park links:
Park Permit Information

Top to bottom (views from Magic Island):
Diamond Head and the Yacht Harbor;
Hotels at the west end of Waikiki;
Ala Wai Channel.


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