Monday, December 6, 2010

Terminal Reality: LAX Terminal 4

The check-in area of the American Airlines Terminal 4 at LAX.
The walkway on the 2nd level leads to security and the gates.
Walkway leads to gates on either side.
Above is a window to Admirals Club
I've completely lost count of the number of times I've had a layover or arrived/departed from Los Angeles International Airport otherwise known as LAX. One thing I can recall is the awful 1960s feel the American Airlines terminal (Terminal 4) sported back in 1995. It shed the dated look by 2005 for a clean, crisp and modern look.

Despite being a major hub for American Airlines the terminal does feel cramp and has a few basic amusements (restaurants, shops) to keep waiting passengers occupied. The upstairs Admirals Club Lounge feels like a traffic jam around peak times. The Flagship Lounge is less crowded due to its exclusivity for entry.

Brioche Doree food concession
Still it is a terminal with which I've become familiar and the management has tried to keep up with the times with charging stations and recycling bins. If traveling on a long-haul flight with no meal service, the choices for picking up a meal are few. I've lately relied on Brioche Doree for sandwiches (such as pear & brie) and pastries for meals on flights to Honolulu with a bottle of water from the Hudson News shop.

More info about LAX at Click here for a map of Terminal 4.

Terminal 4 Gates
The doors that lead to the Admirals Club & Flagship Lounge.


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