Monday, December 6, 2010

On the Boulevard: Hollywood Sign View

Hollwood Sign viewed using the zoom feature on my Kodak M1093 camera.
This is one of a series of posts called "On the Boulevard" about attractions on Hollywood Boulevard.

The view of the Hollywood Sign was not lost on the designers of the Hollywood & Highland Center as an attraction. The multi-level bridge tower at the north end of the center's courtyard offers an unobstructed view of the sign.

From the bridges you will notice the view of the sign appears much farther away on your digital camera display especially if including your loved ones within the frame. If only photographing the sign just use the zoom feature on the camera which should offer a decent view of the sign and the surrounding hills.

Cropped version of the above photo for an extra close-up of sign.
The famous landmark was created as a temporary advertisement for a development in 1923 called Hollywoodland. But with the popularity of motion pictures during the era, the sign became a recognizable symbol of the movie industry and was left on the Hollywood hills portion of Mount Lee.

The H&H Center's has three bridges to view the sign.
(note: the fourth level bridge is often closed)
By the 1970s the sign reached its most severe state of deterioration with letters damaged and one 'O' completing missing. Eventually the original letters were replaced and now measure 45 feet (14m) in height and range from 31 to 39 feet (9.4 to 12m) wide.

The sign has been copied in other cities and featured or parodied in popular entertainment. More info at

Destroyed in the film "Day After Tomorrow" (image: 20th Century Fox)
Parodied in the "Shrek" films (image: DreamWorks)


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