Monday, December 6, 2010

On The Boulevard: "The Fighter" Premiere

Crews prepare Hollywood Blvd for "The Fighter" premiere
Movie posters and the red carpet line the boulevard
This is one of a series of posts called "On the Boulevard" about attractions on Hollywood Boulevard.

Movie premieres and Grauman's Chinese Theatre go hand in hand so it is no accident if visitors to Hollywood stumble upon one. "The Fighter" premieres at the famous movie house tonight and stars Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams who will likely be on hand for the opening. Since my flight leaves late this afternoon, the best I will experience of the event is the preparations.

The block of Hollywood Boulevard fronting Grauman's and the Hollywood & Highland Center is closed to traffic this morning as crews attempt to finish setting up for the premiere. The red carpet, movie posters and barricades will be soon be swamped by admiring crowds, the press and the invited movie audience tonight. Visitors wishing to view the footprints/handprints of the stars at Grauman's find the courtyard blocked off for the day with tours of the theatre also cancelled.

"The Fighter" opens on select screens on Dec 10th and opens wide on Dec 17th. More info about the film at

Red carpets ready to unroll
By coincidence one of the magazines at the hotel
includes a cover story about Mark Wahlberg
and his new film.


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