Sunday, December 5, 2010

'24' Marathon Challenge at Hollywood & Highland

Tent housing the competition
24: The Complete SeriesBefore heading out to the Music Center, I decided to check out the curious white tent in the Hollywood & Highland courtyard. There were no signs whatsoever explaining what it was for. But I assume it was related to the Fox television series "24" because of the exhibition of props also in the courtyard.

After checking with the center's information desk, the tent was erected for a contest. Three days ago on Dec 2, one hundred dedicated fans of the show began an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of 86 hours for the longest, continuous television viewing, in this case while watching "24." The last alert person with his or eyes on the screen wins $10,000.

Counter Terrorist Unit vehicle.
The contestants cannot shower, cannot bring anything with them inside the tent and can never take their eyes off the screens playing the "24" DVD. Every two hours the competitors receive a 10-minute break as well as three meals, drinks and snacks supplied by the nearby Hard Rock Cafe. Judges wearing Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) clothing eliminate contestants who fail to remain awake.

Faux Los Angeles Times.
24: RedemptionAll of this was to promote the December 14 release of "24: The Complete Series on DVD" which includes all eight seasons of the series, the "24 Redemption" telefilm and a bonus disk. For fans and curious visitors to the center, an array of props from the show fronted the tent.

You may think this is crazy but think about your all time favorite series. Would you be willing to stay awake to watch you favorite show for just as long for $10,000 with bathroom breaks of course? One curious thing. How do you prepare for such a contest? Perhaps stay asleep for four days prior to the contest start.

Dec 6, 2010 Update: Three fans broke the Guinness record of consecutive television viewing at 86 hours 6 minutes and 41 seconds. Each won $10,000.

Props from the television series "24"


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