Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quick Visit to Harrods

One of the few things I do on repeat vacations in London is visit the Food Halls at Harrods. I've written about this subject before and not much has changed. I visit Harrods mainly to see if there are any items in their brand collections of candies, preserves and logo items that may be worthwhile gifts.

For a series of posts about the Food Halls at Harrods, click here. You'll find a description of each Hall with pictures.

The pics below are of the commonly used entrance next to the Knightsbridge Tube Station and the Hall displaying a variety of Harrods brand gifts items for the forthcoming holiday season.

Shopping here for gifts can get expensive really quickly so budget carefully. But if you must and are looking for something durable outside of food items, visit the lower levels for a selection of Harrods logo bags and home accessories in many different designs. Otherwise their cookies, chocolates and teas luxuriously displayed and packaged should suffice for gift giving.  

Two pieces of cautionary advice. First of all you must pay to use the restroom at Harrods. Think nobody's watching. Try entering the restroom without paying and someone will stop you. Secondly, if paying by credit card cashiers will ask if you would like the transaction paid in your home currency such as US dollars in lieu of British Pounds. Unless you know the going exchange rate versus the cost your credit card bank will charge for the currency conversion, I would not recommend it.

For more info visit for hours and location as well as a link to their online store.


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