Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fleet River Bakery Just Around the Corner

Literally right around the corner of my hotel is Fleet River Bakery. Upon entry it appears only to be made up of a coffee island and main bar with baskets of sandwiches, salads and cakes. But it extends to other rooms filled with wooden furniture and leather stools. Popular among the lawyers and business workers during weekdays, it's best to visit in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon to avoid the crowds. However the selection and availability of food choices will matter upon the time of day you visit.

Not up to a full sandwich or large pastry, I opted for a cappuccino and a coconut macaroon which was tasty but quite dense and rich. And I am still entranced to watch how a barista prepares a coffee with a swirl design. Like all cafes, the prices for all items are listed in two columns. If you eat in, the price is more than if you "take away" or "take out".

Located just off Lincoln's Inn Fields, you could grab something at Fleet River and enjoy it in the large, quiet open space on a sunny day. It's a perfect alternative to the chain eateries nearby on the main thoroughfares of High Holborn or Kingsway catering to the business crowds.

More info at  Cafe hours are Mon-Sat 7am-6pm; Sat brunch 9am-4pm. Indoor and outdoor seating. Tube: Holborn


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