Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oxford St. - Back to The Two-Mile Shopping Sprint

When I shopped on this street on my last trip to London it was the day after my arrival to replace goods from a delayed checked bag. This time around Oxford Street is on the last day of my itinerary. For my previous post about this marathon shopping paradise, click here. An entire list of stores and an interactive map is available online at

Don't want to shop the entire length? Four different tube stations can help you break down your shopping visit. On the east end at Park Lane is the Marble Arch station. On the west end is the Tottenham Court Road station. In between are the Bond Street and Oxford Circus stations. My suggestion is to start from either Oxford Circus going west or Marble Arch going east. Most of the popular retailers are located within this stretch. If you find yourself tired, then the Bond Street station is your rescue to leave what can often be one of the most crowded streets in London.

Better advice is to plan your visit and be specific with which retailers you might care to visit or otherwise spare a full-day to casually shop the street.

Department store Selfridges known for their interesting window displays and fine retail goods
Oxford Street intersection near Bond St tube station.


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