Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Garden Cafe at Buckingham Palace

It is now the norm that attractions big and small will have a cafe. Buckingham Palace is no different. At the end of the State Rooms tour is the West Terrace and a series of white tents (pictured below) under which is the Garden Cafe. It offers tea, coffee, sandwiches and a variety of pastries. I opted for a cappuccino, a ham & cheese sandwich and profiteroles (aka cream puffs).

This meal was very simple but having it at Buckingham Palace adds to the experience. Of course I was just hungry since all I ate in the morning was coffee and a doughnut (yeah, I chose to sleep in again!) and rushed over to the Palace. Still the view from the cafe offers a peaceful repose from the bustling crowds outside. Nice touch that the coffee is prepared with a crown logo.

The prices are reasonable and the cafe is open during the Palace's visiting hours of 9:45am-6:00pm (July-Oct). Click here for updated opening times. Definitely recommended if you are looking for that true break in a full day of sightseeing with the Palace as part of your itinerary.


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