Friday, September 17, 2010

Beyond the East Front of Buckingham Palace

Victoria Memorial and the Angel of Justice bronze statue.
The attraction of Buckingham Palace extends beyond its gates. Among these is the Victoria Memorial completed in 1811 of white marble in a surround in front of the palace.

Most tourists visit the front of the palace on the spur of the moment and get lost in the crowds. But why not also plan to tour the State Rooms (during its limited weeks of opening) or visit one of the vast parks by the Palace including historical St. James's Park and Green Park.

A bit of advice: Beware of photographers wanting to take your picture for a fee. They will take your picture, take your money and take you for a ride. Best you use your own camera and take your own pictures.

St. James's Park and the London Eye in the distance.
The Mall which leads to Trafalgar Square.
Yours truly, The Hopeful Traveler.
Zoom view of St. James's Park & London Eye.


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