Friday, September 17, 2010

'Aspects of Love' in Rehearsal at the Menier Chocolate Factory

Found these rehearsal photos of the 'Aspects of Love' cast released by the Menier Chocolate Factory on and and thought it might be nice to share them here before attending tonight's performance of the show. This production is directed by Trevor Nunn who also directed the original London version in 1989 and Broadway version in 1990.

Alex Dillingham, a young Englishman
Rose Vibert, a French actress with whom Alex fall in love
Giuletta Trapani, an Italian sculptress and mistress to Alex's Uncle George 
Sir George Dillingham, Alex's uncle and English painter 
Jenny Dillingham, daughter of George and Rose 
Marcel, a French actor manager
Hugo, Rose's lover
Michael Arden (Alex)
Katherine Kingsley (Rose)
Rosalie Craig (Giulietta) and Martyn Ellis (Marcel)
Rebecca Brewer (Jenny, aged 15) and Dave Willetts (George)
Michael Arden (Alex) and Dave Willetts (George)
Dave Roberts, Jill Armour, Ian McLarnon, Dominic Tighe (Hugo) and Rebecca Brewer (Jenny).
Below: Michael Arden (Alex) and director Trevor Nunn.

Note: all photos by Catherine Ashmore and used for illustration purposes only.


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