Thursday, June 7, 2007

London Calling

After a break of 2 1/2 years, the Hopeful Traveler finally returned to where it all began: London, England. It was that first trip to London in 1993 that sparked my interest in traveling. This latest trip is as sponataneous as I'll ever get planning all details within two weeks of departure.
In 1993 there was no such thing as the internet so many a weary traveler depended on the expertise of a travel agent. I was no different. Nicholas, wherever you are, helped me plan every single day of my first visit back then and where I learned the basics of planning a trip to London. Who knew one had to catch a train from the airport into the city? I flew on Air New Zealand to London via Los Angeles. I promised myself that I'll never take that flight again. Stuck on a plane for over 10 hours from LA to London seemed almost unbearable. But things happen to come full circle as the best that American Airlines could offer were the same flight segments.
The following series of posts highlight a return to London.
The American Airlines 777 service from LAX to London Heathrow allows every passenger their own video screen to watch TV/films in addition to tracking the flight's progress over North America and eventually over the Atlantic. Since I really can't sleep on a flight, I brought a week's worth of USA Today newspapers, several magazines and my iPod to help pass the time. Unlike domestic flights on American, the international flights still have meal service. Sorry, alcohol will cost you. According to the flight attendants each drink is five dollars, three pounds or three euros. Credit cards accepted. I stuck with my standby of club soda or apple juice.


pencilpantz said...

More! More! More London posts! ;P

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