Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Heathrow Express Zips 15 miles in 15 minutes

The most convenient way to London from Heathrow airport is via the Heathrow Express. I purchased my ticket online at and retrieved my ticket from one of the automated ticket machines at the airport (pictured below). These train tickets are not cheap. A round-trip ‘express’ fare is GBP28 (about US$56). For those wishing for added amenities, a ‘first class’ round-trip fare is GBP46 (about US $90). All cars offer Wi-Fi access. First Class cars (at both ends of the train) include complimentary newspapers and magazines, larger seats and tables. The First Class Cars are at both ends for quicker access to and from the terminals at Heathrow.
On all my previous trips to London I have arrived at Gatwick Airport and taken the Gatwick Express to London. The Gatwick journey is 30 minutes long but it does take you through some pretty towns and countryside. The 15-mile journey on the Heathrow Express is very quick at 15 minutes and passes more industrial views between Heathrow and Paddington Station. Pictured below is the station where you board the train underground of the Heathrow terminals. Construction on the Heathrow Express train system began in 1993 and the full route completed in 1998. Here comes the train.
If arriving or departing at peak times, these trains can be crowded. But I enjoy them as the first chance to relax after flying, standing in line at immigration and waiting at baggage reclaim (what Americans call baggage claim). Did I mention that one of my bags did not arrive with me. Stay tuned. The Hopeful Traveler on the train in the pic below.


pencilpantz said...

Nice pix THT! :) Keep em' coming!

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