Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Venue: The Paris Theatre at Paris Las Vegas Hotel

'Jersey Boys' advertising amid the hotel's Montgolfier Balloon and
Eiffel Tower.
The 'Jersey Boys' merchandise shop located across the casino.
(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
The Paris Theatre now hosting an open-ended run of the hit musical 'Jersey Boys' is only one of two venues currently playing a Broadway musical in Las Vegas (the other being 'Phantom' at the Venetian which I'll be seeing tomorrow night). The theatre was designed to be more of a concert venue than traditional Broadway-type house as evidenced by the extra wide auditorium. Previous productions here include a Vegas version of the musical 'The Producers' starring David Hasselhoff and Tony Danza and more recently Barry Manilow as headliner.

One of the striking things missing within the auditorium itself is the lack of any decor that is associated with the hotel's Parisian theme. It's a black box that could be in any other hotel on the Strip. The theatre is located down the hall next to the registration desk. The theatre entrance itself is also not striking which opens to almost bare room where the showroom's bar is located before guests enter the auditorium. An elevator is available for those unable to walk up to the balcony.

The merchandise shop located next to the Paris Theatre entrance.
Casino gaming tables in a 'Jersey Boys' theme.
(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
At capacity the theatre seats 1,500 but extreme sides on the orchestra level appear not to be on sale due to the poor sight lines. The box office is located opposite the registration desk. Near the theatre's entrance is a merchandise shop where purchased are made from a window. This shop is only open during showtimes. A larger shop with extended hours is located by the casino.

As is being more common on Broadway, the theatre's bar lists signature cocktails associated with the 'Jersey Boys' musical. The menu lists a Jersey Sour, Hang On, Four "C"-Sons, I've Got You, Walk Like A Man and Boardwalk Breeze among the drinks.

By the way the theatre ushers did not pass out any Playbills. However flyers near the auditorium entrance were available listing the cast members and creative credits.

It should be noted that signs at the Paris Hotel point to the venue as Le Theatre des Arts. However other advertising (including the hotel's website) indicates the showroom as the Paris Theatre. In cross promotion within the casino, games near the theatre is themed for the 'Jersey Boys'.

Click HERE to view the seating chart. Visit for info about this venue and other entertainment at the hotel.

One of the signs pointing to the Le Theatre des Arts rather than
Paris Theatre for the name of the venue.
One of the traditions of a Broadway production is the cast list of who is
performing tonight but this one also includes photographs.
One of many signs around the hotel and casino advertising the show.
(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)


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