Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Runway Meets Broadway: 'Godspell' Challenge

Although it took a while, reality competition series 'Project Runway' finally offered its first challenge linked to Broadway. The episode which aired last month on the Lifetime network featured 'Godspell' composer Stephen Schwartz explaining the challenge.

Each designer had to create a costume for a character in the musical revival of 'Godspell' who is very rich and who wants everyone to know how rich and showy she is. The look had to be something that the character may have pulled from her own closet or thrift stores and was colorful and exaggerated but looks great.

Adding to the difficulty of the challenge is the costume would be placed on the character by the other actors in the musical so it was also a separates challenge. The cost for their raw materials was limited to $200. The episode was part of the special "Project Runway All-Stars" season. The winning look was designed to be runway worthy but adapted for the actual Broadway stage production. Guest judge was two-time Tony winner ('Anything Goes' 2011 revival, 'Thoroughly Modern Millie') Sutton Foster.

Click HERE for more information and videos from the 'Godspell' challenge episode. Visit mylifetime.com for more information about the series. 'Godspell' plays the Circle Theatre In the Square Theatre in New York City. Visit godspell.com for tickets and more information.

The photos below show each look that walked the runway and the name of the designer appears below each photo. The winning design and the costume as it appears on Broadway appears at bottom.

Design by Mondo Guerra
(photos: Lifetime Entertainment Services)
Design by Austin Scarlett
Design by Michael Costello
Design by Jerell Scott
Design by Kenley Collins
Design by Mila Hermanovski
Design by Kara Janx
The winning look by Mondo Guerra and adapted look for the 'Godspell' musical.
The photos above are ranked from highest to lowest as they were featured
in the results portion of the "Project Runway All Stars" episode.
Kara Janx had the losing design and she was out of the competition.
Mondo Guerra and 'Godspell' actress Lindsay Mendez.


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