Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sculptures as Illusions Invade Park Avenue

(photos credit: nyclovesnyc/flickr)
Between now and June 30, nine-stainless steel sculptures designed by Venezuelan artist Rafael Barrios will be displayed along New York City's Park Avenue between 51st and 67th Streets. Each sculpture weighs about a ton and appear to be huge, three-dimensional perspective illusions.

The sculptures when seen from one angle appears to be thick and solid three-dimensional pieces. While from another perspective they appear paper thin. The technique which Barrios has been perfecting since the 1970s is called "virtualism" characterized by the sculptures look of floating metal.

The presentation is part of the art program along Park Avenue that has been running since 2000. Visit for more information about the project.

One pedestrian took this video of one of the sculptures on Park Avenue:


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