Sunday, March 11, 2012

Airlines Expand Overhead Bins

(photo credit: msnbc)
In response to checked-bag fees and more passengers boarding with larger carry-on bags, many airlines have replaced overhead bins with larger ones or will usher in new jets with expanded bins.

The Associated Press reports the following:
  • United will replace bin doors on all of its Airbus A320s. The doors curve out more to let passengers slide bags into bins wheels first. These planes will hold 106 roll-on bags, up from 64.
  • New American Airlines 737 jets will hold 48 more bags than the planes they are replacing. These planes however hold 24 more seats. Older 737 are getting new bin doors that curve out more.
  • Delta Air Lines is adding new bins to 767 jets on international routes which hold 26 more bags than the ones they are replacing.
  • Boeing is designing the bins on its new 787 Dreamliner to hold a standard 9x14x22-inch roll-aboard bag wheels in first. It you bought your roll-aboard from Costco, it should fit as bags from the retailer were used to test out the fit of the bins.
  • US Airways had already enlarged bins in 2008 on its 757 planes flying long-haul routes that allow bags to be stowed wheels in first.
At the same time airlines may be getting tougher in enforcing carry-on bag rules. It is reported that if you cannot find space for your carry-on bag in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, you may no choice other than to check your bag. Be careful because airlines may still be able to charge you a checked bag fee even if you have to check it at the gate. In the cabin, flight attendants may or may not be available to help you search for space for your carry-on bag in the cabin.

Note: The MSNBC video below may not play on mobile devices.


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