Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rittenhouse Row: Shop Till You Drop Destination

(photo: ukealesfan/flickr)

(photo: ErinC/foursquare)
I had some time to kill in the late afternoon and wondered over to Rittenhouse Row. This area between Broad and 21st Streets and Spruce and Market Streets in Philadelphia is filled with a shoppers paradise of swanky stores, tony boutiques, art galleries, jewelers and many chain stores (a branch of the Apple Store is found here). Just walking along Walnut Street from Broad Street to Rittenhouse Square, the area is a buzz with crowds in search of deal.

I really didn't need anything. But I admit I succumbed and bought a cardigan sweater from Banana Republic and picked up a couple of drinks at DiBruno Bros. By the time I circled back along the other side of Walnut Street it was time to find some dinner and something to do on my last night in the city.

The top of photo is of the Barnes & Noble and a view east of Walnut Street. At left is the Banana Republic on Walnut Street. Below is the interior of Di Bruno Bros on Chestnut Street.

(above two photos: TheHopefulTraveler)


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