Saturday, October 8, 2011

Panoramic Photos of Waikiki Using Pano App

Click on either photo for a larger view.

A friend sent these which he made using the Pano app on his iPhone. Click on either panoramic photo above to view larger versions of both. You'll see that these photos offer great views of the the ocean along Waikiki and peak through the hotels of the area with Diamond Head in the distance. The top is taken from the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the one beneath it is taken from the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk. Click HERE to purchase and download Pano from the iTunes App Store for your iPhone or iPad2. The developer claims it's easy to use. Pano looks worthwhile for those moments that deserve a panoramic view.

Features of Pano:
- Take 360-degree panoramas with up to sixteen photos.
- Guide helps the user to line up each shot.
- Advanced alignment, blending and color-correction provide seamless images in seconds.
- Finished panoramas saved directly to camera roll.
- Final resolution up to 6800x800.
- Panos can be resumed if interrupted.


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