Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Broadway Theatre Brought to You by the Letter 'A'

Letter grade for Broadway's Eugene O'Neill Theatre.

One final thought before calling it a night. Starting this month all Broadway Theatres will be subject to the city Health Department's letter grades since they have bars and concession stands. Tonight I just happened to notice the grade A at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre where I saw 'The Book of Mormon'.

The Health Department's spokesperson has indicated in the press that even with the limited food and drinks found at theatres, there is a risk of food-borne illness if food safety practices are not followed. All theatres will have a grade and be required to post them by fall.

Theatres that do not post signs prominently face fines of up $1,000. Broadway theatres, like restaurants, can earn A, B or C grades but can post "grade pending" if an inspector's mark is being disputed. Of the 24,000 eateries and bars, 15,000 have been inspected as of this month and half of them have earned an A.

I asked my friends in New York if they would dine at a restaurant that did not achieve a grade of A and their answer was an emphatic yes. It appears that if the Health Department allows the eatery to remain open and they've come to trust the place, they feel why be alarmed by a letter B.

Visit for more info about the restaurant inspection by the New York City Department of Health.


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