Friday, July 1, 2011

Stop, Drink and Enjoy at Think Coffee

Think Coffee on 4th Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets.
(image credit: TheHopefulTraveler) 
(image credit: flickr/yoonch)
It's good to know that Starbucks has not taken a definitive stranglehold on all the coffee drinkers in New York City. Think Coffee though hardly a chain with four locations in Manhattan distinguishes itself with the following statement from their website:

Think Coffee is devoted to fairness in the coffee trade, from farmer to customer.
When we opened, we decided to use Fair Trade and organic certifications. We didn't do this for the certifications themselves; we wanted fair prices and working conditions for coffee farmers and laborers. We also wanted coffee that was grown in an environmentally responsible manner. We wanted to take responsibility for what we sold in out stores.

On our way to lunch one of my good friends in Manhattan introduced me to the pleasure of Think Coffee. Since I was looking for something especially cool to drink on this warm summer day, an iced coffee did the trick. 

In addition to hot and iced coffees, Think Coffee also offers food including breakfast served until 11am. The remainder of the day visitors will find a menu of sandwiches and salads, grilled cheesem soups, baked good and pastries and cheese plates.

Visit for more information. This location at 123 4th Avenue (between 12th and 13th Streets) near Union Square is opened Mon-Fri 7am-11:30pm and Sat-Sun 8am-11:30pm.

(image credit: flickr/aranciaproject)


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