Monday, June 27, 2011

Where New York & In New York: Info At Your Fingertips

The June and July 2011 issues of 'Where New York' and 'In New York'
Two resources that visitors will find informative are the free 'Where New York' and 'In New York' magazines. I always pick up the current issues of both soon after I arrive in the city. The publications are published monthly and distributed to hotels where they may be found in the lobby, concierge desk or hotel room. Both are also available in the Times Square Visitor Center and at other visitor information locations in the city.

They're like disposable (sorry tree huggers) guides to use at will. I often tear pages out rather than lugging the magazine around with me. As much as we are wired and used to browsing information on the internet, these publications tames the abundance of overwhelming information for the visitor into a compact guide.

'Where New York' offers information on Entertainment, Galleries & Antiques, Shopping, Museums & Attractions, Dining, Transportation & Tours, a section for Kids and Maps. The Hot Dates and Where Now sections offers up special events or highlights attractions for the month. The 6 1/2" x 9" guide is practical to stuff in any bag or even a coat pocket. Many visitors will recognize this guide from its sister publications for other cities.

'In New York' is printed in a standard magazine dimensions and offers similar info as 'Where'. The Departments section highlights the month's happenings around town under various subjects such Dish Du Jour for featured restaurants and Footlights revealing behind-the-curtain news about the theatre.

Pay special attention to the current's months events. It's these special activities that will help to make your visit to New York unique from friends or family who have visited the city before you. If you feel you'd like to recommend New York to any family or friends bring a guide back for them. It should be noted that these guides don't necessarily replace guide books that have in-depth info about hotels, reviews and other information to know before visiting the city. For the seasoned New York traveler these magazines may be all they need.

Visit the online versions of each magazine at and On the Where guide website, visitors can access the online guides of over 50 U.S. destinations and 9 international cities.


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