Monday, June 27, 2011

Famous Famiglia Pizzeria @ 1630 Broadway at 50th St

My first meal in New York City during this visit wasn't particular spectacular. Just a couple of blocks north of my hotel was a location of the Famous Famiglia Pizzeria chain of eateries. Despite a mass of locations on the U.S. mainland, the only one in my home state of Hawaii is on the Pearl Harbor U.S. Naval Base. So if I want to dine at a chain eatery (and I love pizzas), then why not one that I can't find at home.

Step in and up to counter and make a choice from the varieties of pizzas on display. They can be ordered by the slice or whole. Also on the menu are various baked calzones, pastas, heros and parmigianas.

After ordering a slice and mentioning if it's for eating in or to take away, wait a couple of minutes as the slice is baked in a pizza oven. My choice today was an olive and pepperoni pizza.

In mid-afternoon, this location wasn't crowded at all so it was a rather quiet lunch in this crazy part of the city. With a medium drink my total was $5.80. That's a value that is not bad at all for Times Square. The slice was good enough that I almost ordered seconds.

Many see Times Square as a collection of chain restaurants preying upon tourists and so many avoid the area like a plague. But if you're staying in the area, then it would be a battle to have to find every meal beyond its borders. If it's practical to eat within Times Square, then remember this is New York City and restaurants are something that are not in short supply. If you don't want to eat a chain restaurant, then there always alternatives to please your palate even in tourist driven Times Square.

This location of Famous Famiglia Pizzeria is at 1630 Broadway at 50th Street. Visit for more locations and menu information.


Joseph Carr said...

That's true, and quite frankly I think some people are being a little elitist when they refuse to eat anything from chain restaurants. Just because a restaurant is franchised doesn't mean the quality is tempered down as well. Bigger chains would have stricter standards for their franchisees. And restaurant chains still get good reviews.

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