Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Waikiki Edition: Facade & Final Notes

Rooms located on the at the corner of Ala Moana Blvd & Hobron. 
Landscaping along Hobron Lane.
There are other facets of The Waikiki Edition that was left unexplored during this staycation. Among them the Crazybox nightclub, Lobby Bar, Spa, Fitness Center and the recreation activities offered by the hotel (not to say I would actually try them out).

It does worth mentioning again that hotels mean different things to everyone. Because of the competitive hospitality industry especially in Waikiki, the Edition is targeting a niche in the luxury hotel market and this reflected in the room rates.

Looking onto the intersection of Hobron and Ala Moana Blvd. The
Waikiki Edition is located at right and self parking structure on
the left where a Red Lobster is located on the ground floor. 
The pedestrian bridge connecting the self-parking (which is NOT
operated by the Waikiki Edition) to the hotel.
Because of this the Edition must compensate for what it lacks. Any guest who complains about these things has evidently not done their research or mislead. The hotel is located on the west end of Waikiki. Therefore the hotel has no beachfront and backs onto a marina. In addition those wishing to invest themselves in the activities along Kalakaua Avenue will find they are a long walk but a short trip via car or taxi to this major shopping thoroughfare running through the center of Waikiki. Another minus is this intersection of Ala Moana Boulevard is a major avenue into and out of Waikiki. The traffic and noise is consistent.

A plus is the hotel is located closer to Ala Moana Shopping Center and Ala Moana Beach park than the majority of hotels in Waikiki. Also at most boutique properties the service tends to be more personal and immediate than at larger hotels but I'm sure there are many who would beg to differ.

The hotel viewed from the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.
View from the pedestrian bridge of the marina and Morimoto Waikiki (left)
located on the second level of the hotel. Above Morimoto is one of the hotel's
spaces for special events or parties.
Always the common negative about all Waikiki hotels is the expensive cost for parking and at the Edition the parking is strictly valet at almost thirty dollars daily in addition to tipping.

Like all hotels in Waikiki, the price structure of rooms is based on their location (high floor, low floor, ocean view, city view) and these are considerations when booking.

My experience is it will be worth while to stay at The Waikiki Edition if ever I'm in the mood for future local stays. But my booking will rest largely with finding a good "kamaaina rate" in addition to the hotel still being a Marriott property for which I can earn loyalty points in their rewards program.

To close this series in review of The Waikiki Edition this post includes more exterior shots of the property.

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(Above & below) The landscaped walkway along Hobron
leading to the lobby entrance.

(Above & below) More view of the pedestrian bridge crossing over
Hobron Lane.

The lobby entrance to the hotel.


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