Monday, June 20, 2011

Plane Spotters Paradise at St Maarten, Dutch Antilles

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Due to a short runway for arriving aircraft at the airport on the Caribben island of St. Maarten in the Dutch Antilles, the nearby Maho Beach has become a favorite spot for plane spotters and a tourist attraction. Bars and restaurants are reported to even display flight schedules for those wanting to witness the daily arrivals.

The arriving aircrafts upon final approach fly over the beach at a minimal altitude as shown in these photos from various sources. Due to safety and security precautions such close-up view are not common at near airports worldwide. So this makes one of the few locations in the world to view an arriving plane just outside the end of the runway.

Signs clearly post the dangers of being in the area. Government officials have even installed an additional fence around the airports main fence to prevent fanatics from hanging on to the fence to be blasted by the jet flow.

Below is a video of one tourist'ss experience of the arriving jets and the blast of other jets as they take-off.


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