Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Waikiki Edition App for iPad, iPhone & iTouch

One unheralded trend in the hospitality industry is the evolution of the hotel app. At the moment the quality and purpose of these apps are not uniform and further enhancements are necessary to make them a required amenity for the hotel guest. Since only a few locations at different chains have apps, its unlikely the guest will automatically search for one as part of their hotel research.

The Waikiki Edition app for iPad, iPhone & iTouch allows guests to enter times to request housekeeping to service the room or valets to have a guest's car ready for a day of sightseeing or checkout. Because my visit was just for a day, there was no opportunity to test out if these app features actually work. Information about the facilities and special events are offered on the hotel portion of the app. The local attractions portion of the app gives suggestions for nearby shopping, dining and activities on Oahu. Perhaps most convenient is the chance for guests to give feedback about the hotel. Click HERE to for more info and to download the app from the Apple iTunes store.

This post is one in a series in review of the Waikiki Edition. Click HERE to view the entire series of posts.


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