Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Emirates A380: Economy Class

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This is one post in a series about the Emirates A380.

Can you imagine the largest jumbo jet in the world with only economy seats? The lower deck of the Emirates A380 comes half way. The entire lower deck is devoted to passengers flying economy. The seats are 18" wide with a pretty standard pitch of 32" with a 6" recline. The airlines flies two versions of the jet with economy seating for 399 to 419 passengers. Each row is comprised of ten seats. Three seats along each window and four center seats. Each seat has its own entertainment screen with 500 channels and a remote. On this screen all passengers are afforded a tail camera view of the jet. The tray table also contains a gyroscopic cup holder.

For comparison purposes, see the related posts about the airlines first and business class deck.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this series of articles on your site. Quick, informative and great views of the plane.

guitar13 said...

je voudrais bien savoir s'il y a des toilettes aménagées pour handicapé?

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