Friday, March 4, 2011

Emirates A380: First Class

This post is one in a series about the Emirates A380.

The original post that inspired this series was about the shower spa in the Emirates A380 first class cabin. This brings the posts full circle by revisiting the first class cabin again. These articles are just wishful thinking about viewing the luxury jumbo jet from afar. It's possible one day as this jet becomes increasingly common at airports around the world that more passengers will experience flying in this jet albeit if only in the coach cabin.

The first class cabin holds 14 or 16 spacious suites (Emirates flies two versions of the A380), each with an electronic operated sliding door for privacy. The seat has a width of 23" and a pitch of 86". The airline advertises the following additional amenities: personal mini-bar, vanity table, mirror, wardrobe, 23" television screen and built-in massage system.

The first class lounge (or social area as the airline calls it) is located at the front of the upper deck and in front of it, the shower spa. Visit for more info about the features of their A380 jumbo jet. From all appearances these first class sanctuaries are like ranches compared to coach cabin seats on any jet.

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Johnes Joseph said...

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Bethanne Gonzalez said...

Beautiful plane I sure would love to flying it someday maybe I'll get lucky

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