Thursday, December 9, 2010

Los Angeles: More than Amusement Parks

U.S. Bank Tower aka Library Tower
With the series of posts about Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, a visit to the city can be more than amusement parks and movie studios. Visit the series of these Los Angeles posts for ideas when planning your next visit to the city.

Venture to other attractions and sometimes heading to your a planned destination or nearby you never know what you may stumble upon that may warrant an unplanned stop or view.

For example when visiting the Disney Concert Hall, the U.S. Bank Tower was instantly recognizable in Downtown. Being a fan of disaster films, I remembered it being featured in several major motion pictures. Because it stands tall among its other towering neighbors, the building has the unfortunate distinction to be destroyed in the films "2012", "The Day After Tomorrow", "Independence Day" and even the Korean release "Dragon Wars."

The building is 1018 feet with 73 floors and among the ten tallest buildings in the United States.

Poster for Dragon Wars.


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