Sunday, December 12, 2010

Washington, DC: Less than 48 Hours Later

American Airlines counters in Terminal B at
Reagan National Airport
And there it was. A visit to the Washington DC that began at arrival Friday afternoon and ends early Sunday morning. The preceding posts reveal what can be accomplished in roughly 42 hours from arrival to departure.

Concourse to all terminals (above & below)
Now this wasn't a choice. A combination of factors from available flights, vacation days and a planned itinerary shoehorned the duration of this visit to DC.

Thank goodness Reagan National Airport is a short taxi ride from downtown DC and the terminals at 6am on a Sunday aren't that busy. As usual the longest journey of a good vacation is the return trip.

From Reagan National to Dallas-Fort Worth and then to Honolulu International. Then finally home.

Click here to learn more about Reagan National Airport.


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