Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the Menu: The Tender Rib

Either empanadas or bbq chicken. I narrowed down my choices for lunch at two food vendors at the Downtown Holiday Market. I opted for the offerings from the The Tender Rib.  Their brief menu included the choices in the photo above.

Pulled BBQ Chicken was it. Seven dollars may seem steep for only a sandwich but the serving was generous. It's the kind of sandwich where it's impossible to eat with grace. As much as I tried pieces of juicy meat and sauce just kept falling into the sandwich container with every bite. At one point the bread was just in pieces that it had to be finished with a fork. It's the sort of comfort food that hits the spot and needs more than a couple of napkins.

More info about their location in Maryland and catering options at The 2010 Downtown Holiday Market runs until Dec 23 from Noon-8pm daily. The Tender Rib is scheduled to open daily at the market. Visit for more info.


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