Friday, December 10, 2010

Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown: Review of Guest Room and Amenities

This time the room didn't have a view. Well it did have one but it was of the back of all the other buildings behind the hotel. But it was not important since daylight was short in Washington, D.C. in December and I was in town for only two nights. The room itself is cozy if not remarkable in any way.

The best aspect of the room are the three appliances to help make the hotel seem a little more like home. Although I was unlikely to use the microwave, the refrigerator to keep bottles of water cold and the standard coffee maker for a morning cup of java were to be made of good use. The cabinet holding these appliances includes several spaces to store any pantry goods. Before you decide to turn this room into a kitchen keep in mind there are no utensils or napkins.

The desk provides ample room to work and the bathroom includes brand name toiletries from Neutrogena for travelers who haven't packed any. Despite the standard surroundings the room was clean and the bed comfortable.

The only things that were initially distracting were the wallpaper in the bathroom and the air-conditioning unit below the window. The first made the bathroom feel like it belonged in someone's grandmother's house. The second because it was an eyesore and it took a bit of adjusting the temperature before I found the right one for my first night.

By the way speaking of the non-view, the window curtains had to be kept closed anyway. Because the back of the hotel was L-shaped, I had a view into other rooms and I'm am sure they had one into mine.


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