Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Elephant Card & Fossil at H&H

When shopping and eating at the Hollywood & Highland Center be sure to pick up an Elephant Card at the information desk or sign-up online prior to your visit savings while visiting the center. Discounts may also apply to some attractions nearby.

The card was good for 10% at some of the eateries I visited such as Johnny Rockets and could have been used for a free tiramisu at Travestere Ristorante Italiano if I wasn't filled by my entree last night.

For today the card allowed for 10% off my total purchase at the Fossil store. Their watches, wallets and sunglasses have been part of my traveling accessories and it is a brand I have come to trust for the value, durability and classic yet stylish designs. With a screw lost on my current pair of sunglasses, it was an appropriate time to pick up a replacement since I may find a pair here that I may not find back home. I've come to learn each Fossil store does not always carry the same merchandise and sometimes items in the store are no longer found online either. I found their Carlo design of sunglasses which I liked and picked up a case and saved 10% on both.

Click here for more info about the Elephant Card, current discounts and to register for one.


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