Thursday, September 23, 2010

There it Went and Here it Ends - Back to Reality

So all good things must end. This 2010 visit to London has to be one of the best among my travels. Sure it may have been helped that the airfare and hotel was taken care of by using a lot of points and miles. But it was worth it all.

So there it went and here it ends with final shots from this vacation taken from my airline seat: the entertainment system showing the near arrival to LAX and the view from my window of the California coast and downtown Los Angeles. I'll leave it there as everything after this point is norm for my travels to/from the US mainland. After landing, it's another journey through immigration and customs, a two-hour layover and then a five-hour flight on one of American's aging 757s to Honolulu.

All I can think of at this moment is I want go back.


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