Friday, September 17, 2010

Pear Juice, My UK Obsession

Pears are one my favorite fruits. So when I saw bottles of James White Organic Pear Juice I couldn't resist.  I quickly gulped down a bottle at the National Theatre Cafe earlier yesterday after visiting the London Eye. I loved it so much I picked up another bottle to take away. At a cost of one pound forty, each bottle isn't exactly a bargain. After that I kept on searching for this juice anytime I was thirsty or near a museum cafe but it's not easy to locate. Also unfortunately this brand of juice is only available in the United Kingdom. For U.S. customers this is the kind of product that supermarket Whole Foods (or as my east coast friends jokingly call it 'Whole Check' due to the high prices) would probably carry. So in that case, maybe it's best I can't find the juice here in Honolulu. I know....I should invest in a Magic Bullet blender.

Their website offers lists their entire product line. Visit for more info.


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