Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At Japan Centre for a Won Ton Lunch

Right along lower Regent Street is a row of Japanese retailers including a Mitsukoshi Department Store and the Japan Centre.  Since it was past lunch but too early for dinner, I chose to find something light to snack on here. Instead I ended up having the Won Ton Soup from the food vendor in the store called Umai Sushi Factory. Made to order it was hot and delicious. Okay I know I'm in London and having Japanese food that I could find back home. No matter...I was hungry and this is what I wanted to eat.

The shop also features pastries, deserts and of course sushi. You can dine in or order the items to go. The back of the shop is really a grocery store filled with Japanese products including dried noodles, candies and even sake (which is offered for free tasting in the afternoon). Sitting down to eat my soup, it appears there's a definite audience for this shop as I watched a steady traffic of people shopping.

This 'Foodshop' is open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm and Sun 11am-7pm. Nearest tube station is at Piccadilly Circus. Click here for more about their products, services and locations.


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