Friday, May 11, 2007

The Food Halls at Harrods - Smile and Say "Fromage"

The fourth post about the Food Halls at Harrods is the room you'll probably roam into next. This Fromagerie, Charcuterie and Traiteur room will likely increase your French vocabulary by two or three words. Let's start with the fromage section. Fromage simply means cheese of which there are four main groups: sheep, cow, goat and blue. The most expensive cheese at Harrods is Truffle stuffed Brie priced at 69.90 British Pounds per kilo. That's alsmost $140 dollars U.S. for a little over 34 ounces.

Breath in these creamy views of the fromage bar and counter. The product in the last picture below are some of the velvety butters from Europe. Don't even mention the words Velveeta or Country Crock when roaming the varied selection.


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