Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Food Halls at Harrods - But Do They Have Char Siu?

Within the same hall that includes the Fromagerie, is the Charcuterie and Traiteur sections. Charcuterie is defined as a store where pork products, hams and pates (a spread usually made of finely chopped liver) are sold. This includes a variety of sausages and biltongs (strips of dried meat). Traiteur is a fancy term for a delicatessen or caterer. Choose from a selection of caviar and terrines (an oblong molded dish served cold usually consisting of pressed meat, game, fish and/or vegetables). Harrods sells a Jambon Iberico Ham Sandwich for 15 British Pounds (US$30). The ham is not currently sold in the USA pending FDA approval. Harrods advertises it as a "cured leg of ham, from Guijelo, Spain, produced to century-old traditions. Made from the meat of free-ranging acorn-fed iberico pigs, cured naturally. With an astonishing sweet and complex flavour and a melting texture." Oh yeah, there is a Chinatown in London. Better you find char siu there.
Charcuterie Counter

Traiteur Counter


pencilpantz said...

Zabars definitely can't compete with Harrods!

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