Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Will They Think of Next

Found these two new products for sale online. Am very keen on trying them out. The first is a Padded Handle Wrap which serves a dual purpose. It gives your luggage a distintive look with its color (always helpful at the baggage claim carousel) and reduces pressure on your hands when lifting heavy bags.

The second is a compact Digital Scale. Most travelers return from their trip with heavy bags from shopping (of course with gifts for family and friends) and you just never know for sure if you have exceeded the weight limit requirement of your airline. This should help with the second guessing and save time and embarrasement at the airport. In addition you read the weight after lifting your luggage. This appears to save you the awkwardness of having to read the weight while holding a 50+ pound bag.

Will let you know in a later post if these two items are worth your while. Both items available at


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