Monday, July 2, 2012

Venue: Little Shubert Takes On 'Potted Potter'

(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
The Little Shubert Theatre is an off-Broadway venue and owned by the powerful Shubert Organization that owns the bulk of official Broadway houses. The Little Shubert is one of the largest off-Broadway theaters with 499 seats.

Built in 2002, it's also one of the newest theaters boasting a Broadway size stage and wide auditorium providing excellent view from most seats. The architecture is not as fancy as the Broadway theaters built in the early 20th century but the venue does offer generous lobby space, escalator and elevator.

There was thought that the theatre could be the home for bigger off-Broadway musicals but the economics of the producing theater has shown that presenting a musical or even a play at this venue has proven to be expensive mainly due to contracts with the theatrical unions. Most of the shows that premiered at the Little Shubert have not been able to maintain a long run and closed at a loss.

Some of the shows to have played the Little Shubert include: 'Fame on 42nd Street' (2003); 'Shockhead Peter' (2005), 'Three Mo' Tenors' (2007), 'Lucky Guy' (2011) and 'Dracula' (2011). Tonight I'll be seeing 'Potted Potter' an unauthorized parody of the Harry Potter books. See the next post for my review of the show.

Visit for more information and seating chart.


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