Monday, July 2, 2012

Minamoto Kitchoan: Peach Jelly and Fruit Jelly

The window display at the New York City location of Minamoto Kitchoan.
Grace Dew Fruits Jelly (all photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
Once again I made my yearly stop at Minamoto Kitchoan for Japanese confections. Since 2008 I've been picking up goodies from the store to bring home or to enjoy during my visit. I think I'll continue doing so until a branch of the company opens in my home town of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Click HERE for my post called "Minamoto Kitchoan: Artful and Declious Confections" which gives an overview of the shop. This post covers the products purchased during today's visit.

Whenever I step inside the store my eyes are dazzled by the array of wagashi (japanese confections) all beautifully displayed and wrapped. Hakutoujelly ($12 each) which is a jelly made from white peach is something I've always wanted to try. Inside the wrapping is a bowl of the smooth, light and refreshing white peach jelly. Best eaten chilled, the store offers spoons regardless if you plan to eat it now or later.

The store also carries Grace Dew Fruits Jelly from Rokumeikan (box, $24). These colorful and bite-sized fruit-shaped confections are steps above the "gummy" products pedaled to children. Each piece is tender without being cloyingly sweet and richly brings the flavor of each kind of fruit. Flavors include orange, lemon, grape, banana, apple, mango and many others. Each piece is individually wrapped.

The wrapped Hakutoujelly (White Peach Jelly).
Inside the wrapping bowl is a serving of White Peach Jelly.


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