Monday, June 25, 2012

New York City Official Visitor Guide

Before heading back to my hotel to see if I could check-in, I stopped by the Times Square Visitor Center. It's a stop I always recommend to the new and seasoned visitor to find what new to see and do in the city.

I discovered a new resource called the New York City Official Visitor Guide published by NYC & Company. This Spring 2012 edition provides all the basics that is offered in similar guides such attractions, accommodations and Broadway but this one can fit in your pocket. Unlike purchased travel books, you probably won't mind ripping apart or marking up this guide while in the the city.

There is also an online edition which will have the most up to date information at


John said...

I always recommend spending a night in a boutique hotel, such as the Tribeca Hotel, assuming you are traveling there with a significant other.

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