Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Angry Birds Land Theme Park Opens in Finland

Entrance to Angry Birds Land at Sarkanniemi Adventure Park.
(photo: UK Daily Mail)
Located north of Helsinski is the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park which has partnered with Finnish-based game maker Rovio to bring the virtual world of battling birds and pigs into a theme park addition called Angry Birds Land. The park's opening would represent and official representation of the extremely popular phone app. Last year and unofficial Angry Birds attraction opened in China.

The Finland park features among its twelve attractions: a roller coaster, a lighthouse-theme mini-drop tower and a Dumbo-style spinning ride themed to the Red Bird (the hero of the Angry Birds game). The centerpiece of Angry Birds Land is a multi-level fortress tower connected by tubes and rope ladders. Visitors can also play the game on screens throughout the park.

The Angry Bird app is the number one paid app of all time and has been downloaded over 700 million times. Players use catapults to fire infuriated birds at green pigs hiding inside buildings made of planks. Angry Birds has been merchandised in toys and clothing and is rumored to become a Hollywood feature film.

Visit sarkanniemi.fi for more information. Official opening is scheduled for June 8.

The cars of this spinning ride are shaped like the game's red birds.
(photo: Sarkanniemi)
The bird and pig characters are ready for installation during the
park's construction. (photo: Sarkanniemi)
Overview of Angry Birds Land (photo: Daily Mail)
The park features the shops and restaurants and the game's iconic slingshot.
(photo: Daily Mail)
The Angry Birds Adventure Course. (photo: Daily Mail)
Besides tunnels, the Adventure Course features staircases, slides and
secret passages as well as eggs hidden by the green pigs.
(photo: Sarkanniemi)
The Angry Birds Lighthouse. (photo: Sarkanniemi)


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