Monday, May 7, 2012

Fast Foods You Can't Get in the USA

There are some fast food dishes found at McDonald's in Hawaii that you can't find on the mainland USA. These include portuguese sausage, spam and rice, saimin noodles and fruit punch. Recent limited specials have included taro pie and coconut pie as a dessert option in lieu of the traditional apple pie. But travel around the world and you'll find even more unique items on the fast food menu.

The good people at Smarter Travel has found these non-stateside delicacies:

(photo: andrea.y/flickr)
McDonald's, France: Macarons. These extra fancy delights come in such exotic flavors as mandarin and mango.

(photo: Pizza Hut)
Pizza Hut, Japan. Seafood Pizza. The pizza is topped off with a combination of tuna with mayonnaise, squid and prawn. Photo above is the Winter Double King Pizza, an amped up seafood pizza.

(photo: McDonald's)
McDonald's, Australia, Rosti Brekkie Wrap. A flour tortilla wrap stuffed with ham, egg, cheese and grated fried potato. A rosti is a potato cake.

(photo: norsez/flickr)
KFC, China: Breakfast Congee. Rice porridge with pork, pickles, mushrooms and preserved egg served with a side order of Youtiao (fried dough sticks). The photo above shows the a side of fried tofu and soy milk.

(photo: peteri/flickr)
Starbucks, Japan: Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. Cream and coffee-flavored gelatin that you suck through the straw.

Burger King, Germany: Chili Cheese Nuggets. Deep fried gooey cheese flecked with chili peppers.
(photo: Domino's)
Domino's, France: Kebab Pizza. Topped with roasted chicken kebab, lightweight cream, tomato sauce, mozzarella, green peppers, onions and oregano.
(photo: Dunkin' Donuts)
Dunkin' Donuts, China: Curry Beef Donut. As if you didn't know, this savory option is filled with curry and beef.

(photo: Pizza Hut)
Taco Bell, India: Chocodilla. Instead of a quesadilla stuffed with cheese, these are stuffed with hot molten chocolate.

(photo: ivanlian/flickr)
McDonald's, India: McSpicy Paneer. Deep-fried cheese in a bun.

McDonald's in India offers a "Spicy Delights" menu and orders can be placed online for delivery. I think that's a great idea to make it easier for us to expand our wastes. Visit for the full article.


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