Thursday, May 17, 2012

Enter The Wraparound Terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Key cards are imprinted with guests names and departure date.
Mirrors take focus of the four doors in the entry hallway.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
This is one of a series of posts covering aspects of the Wraparound Terrace Suite.

The original plans to turn The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas into a condominium and hotel is evidenced in the Wraparound Terrace Suite. It's like a 1,200 square foot apartment in the sky. With the condo plans abandoned after design work was finished but before construction was completed, these expansive rooms are available as another room category option for hotel guests. Without the constraints of a time share or property rental, this is for guests looking for a generous floor plan filled with hotel's modern touches and unique design.

Among the personal touches of this hotel's experience starts with the key card. The guests last name and first initial and checkout date is printed on the card which humorously has a rendering of a key. The mirrored entry hall gives added depth and shifts focus from the oddly placement of four doors lined in a row. One door is a hallway closet, a second is used to connect the suite to the room next door and third is the entry door. The fourth door reveals a stacked washer and dryer with a iron and ironing board.

This suite stands out by the handsome furnishings placed throughout the room. The narrow display table includes a take on items found one's home such as the bird bowl where keys or mail would be placed. The fire-escape route posted behind the entry door shows that these Wraparound Terrace Suites are situated at the corners of the floor. A total of 20 rooms is shown displayed for this 17th floor. A chic multi-bulb ceiling light fixture beautifully illuminates the hall aided by the mirrored walls and doors.

The lamp and ceiling light fixture combined with the mirrored walls
give the space a luminous glow.
Handsome furnishings accent the hallways.
One could say the room feels like a hall of mirrors with surfaces
reflective from all corners.
The stacked washer and dryer and iron and ironing board hidden
behind one of the hallway doors.
The fire escape floor plan shows the layout of the twenty rooms on the
17th floor.
Feels like home with a container with this accent perfect for leaving keys.
This view from the kitchen/dining room gives an idea of the generous
space allocated to just the entry hallway. Thought went into a tiny
light to highlight a framed artwork.
A doorbell rather than knock on the door is needed to call a guest who
could be anywhere in the 1,200 square-foot suite.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler)


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